Young Dental Writer of the Year Award 2012

08 January 2014

British Dental Editors Forum/British Dental Trade Association Young Dental Writer of the Year Awards 2012

When the British Dental Association and the British Dental Editors' Forum discovered they had functions running at the association's headquarters in Wimpole Street on the same night, they decided to hold a joint reception: the BDA to introduce the 15 Principal Executive Committee directors elected earlier in the day and the BDEF to present the Young Dental Writer of the Year awards, sponsored by the British Dental Trade Association. 

Identified by different coloured badges, the two groups mingled harmoniously with guests on what was a memorable occasion. 

During the evening, Ken Eaton, chairman of the BDEF, announced the two award winners, who were presented with their cheques and certificates by Simon Tucker, president of the BDTA. In first place was Laura Hatton, whose moving article ‘The truth from the trenches’ was published in a three-part series in Dental Tribune in 2011. Her exploration of the role of the noteworthy dentist Sir Harry Baldwin during World War One had been meticulously researched and the judges were also impressed by her vivid account of the horrific facial injuries suffered by thousands of soldiers fighting in France. Laura, whose prize was a cheque for £500, explained that it was a meeting with Richard Fowler, godson of Mary Baldwin, Sir Harry's only child, that had sparked her interest in the intriguing story and she said she was grateful to him for the resources he donated to King's College London. She also thanked the staff at the college's archive department for their help and guidance. 

Coming a close second and receiving a cheque for £250 was Alexander Holden, a foundation dentist at Stag Dental Care in Rotherham, who is a member of the BDA's Young Dentist Committee and a trustee of the Ben Fund. His paper ‘Lost in transition – changes in communication in the leap from dental student to foundation dentist’ appeared in the British Dental Journal last November. The object was to provoke thought into the changes from dental school into practice and to analyze the different types of communication commonly used; also to advise on the requirements of keeping up standards in patient/colleague communication through one's professional career. The judges commended his refreshingly readable style and thoughtful approach to the subject; his sound advice deserves to be followed widely. 

All UK dental editors may nominate authors who have published in a UK dental journal or newspaper between July 1 and June 30 the following year. Authors must be under 35 years of age on the day that their work is published. 

(Picture: Pictured left to right; BDEF President Ken Eaton, Laura Hatton, BDTA Executive Director Tony Reed and Simon Tucker).

Further information is available from the BDEF secretary Dr Christopher Lynch.

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