Improving the Quality of Papers Submitted to Dental Journals - A Satellite Symposium for Editors, Publishers and Everyone Involved in Reviewing and Publishing

24 March 2014

Wednesday, 25 June 2014 at 12 noon in the Cape Town Convention Centre

This satellite symposium, organised by the British Dental Editors Forum, will build on the work carried out during the very successful 2013 satellite symposium, held in Seattle, which was attended by a total of 120 editors, associate editors, publishers and all those involved in reviewing and publishing scientific papers, books, etc. The 2013 symposium identified a wide range of problems, including plagiarism and duplicate publications, which appear particularly prevalent in countries from which, in the past there have been few publications in international, peer reviewed journals. 

The aim of the 2014 symposium, part of which will be a workshop, will be to seek a consensus on how to help authors from these countries to improve the quality of their scientific writing to avoid these problems. It will also explore how editors of Medline listed journals can work together with publishers to achieve this. The first 20 minutes of the symposium will consist of brief statements on the problems and how they might be addressed from an editor, a publisher and two key academics from developing countries, who it is perceived can influence developments in research publishing in their countries. The audience will then divide into discussion groups for 40 minutes. Each group will then report back in a plenary. The session will conclude with a summary and suggestions of how to proceed in the future. The opening 20 minutes and the plenary and the concluding remarks will audio recorded and published as proceedings. This will mirror the 2013 satellite symposium the proceedings of which will appear in the April 2014 edition of the Journal of Dentistry and be on open access on its website. 

The session will be chaired by Dr Kenneth Eaton (Chair of the British Dental Editors Forum) The speakers are: 

  • Dr Will Giannobile (Editor,Journal of Dental Research)
  • Dr Debbie Sourgen (Sage Publishing)
  • Dr S.Balajii (Secretary, Indian Division, IADR)
  • Dr Eino Honkala (Vice-Dean for Research, University of Kuwait)

Please e-mail: Dr Ken Eaton ( if you intend to attend the symposium. All IADR members are welcome.

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