BDIA/BDEWF New Communicators Awards

Description and Rules

Currently, three BDIA/BDEWF New Communicators Awards are given annually, two of which (the graduate awards) are made to those under 35 years of age or within 10 years of graduating, on the day that their communication was published, and the third to a UK-based student who was an undergraduate, on the day that their communication was published.

Communications may be in hard copy or online, or in both formats, and can be hard copy publications or videos, webinars and other online works.  They must have been published between 1 July and 30 June of the following year.

The topic of the communication must relate to oral health.

Nominations can be made by the editors of journals, colleagues or by the author themselves. Only one communication per author will be judged.  In the event of an author receiving multiple nominations for different publications, details will be sent to the author concerned and they will be asked to select which one should go forward for judging.  Anyone who has won a graduate award is no longer eligible to enter in subsequent years. Undergraduate award winners cannot enter  the undergraduate competition again but may enter in the graduate competition in subsequent years.

Nominations must be made before 15 July each year.  Judging takes place in the following month and the winners are notified by the end of August and invited to the award ceremony, which normally takes place immediately on the night of and  before the annual BDEWF dinner.

Entries are judged on their content and presentation. Bonus marks are awarded to publications with the entrant as the sole author.  Nevertheless, publications with multiple authors can be entered and in many years have won awards.  However, if the communication has multiple authors, the entrant should be the first author.

The awards are generously sponsored  by the British Dental Industry Association (BDIA).  The first graduate award is for £500, the second for £250 and the undergraduate award is for £300.

Any questions about the rules for the awards and entries should be sent to the BDEWF Chair – Professor Kenneth Eaton - (email with a copy to the BDEWF Secretary – Dr Nikki Patel (email


BDIA/BDEWF New Communicator Awards Winners 2020

There were 14 entries for this year's New Communicator Awards for graduates.

The winner of the first prize of £500 was Shir Lynn Tan for her article History of Rubber Dam which was published in Dental Historian.

The second prize of £250 was awarded to Anthony Weke for his article Smoking Cessation: An update on the impact of COVID-19 which was published in Dental Health

There were 9 entries for the new prize for undergraduate communicators. The prize of £300 was awarded to Ji-Yun Stephanie Yeung for her article Do as I say, not do as I do: Should dental students follow their own advice?